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Smart Consumer`s Guide

Get a free guide to choosing a professional plumber.

The smart consumer's guide to choosing a plumber

When something goes wrong in your home, it’s a relief to know exactly who to call.  Your key has broken off in the lock? You call Jim the locksmith, who you’ve used before.pipeperfection_plumber_sydney_consumer_guide_new-233x300

You wouldn’t think of calling anyone else because:

  • You trust these guys
  • You know they’ll do a good job
  • You know they won’t rip you off

So when it comes to finding a plumber, wouldn’t it be good to know how to spot the good guys from the cowboys? Get your no-nonsense guide to finding a reliable, trustworthy plumber here. 

Whether you live in the inner west of Sydney or Snowdonia this guide will:

  • Dispel some myths about plumbing
  • Give you a checklist for choosing a good plumber
  • Tell you when you’re dealing with a cowboy plumber

It is short, easy to read and could save you hundreds of dollars in plumbing bills.

Download the smart guide to finding the best plumbers in Sydney – ebook and in just a few minutes you will learn : 

  • Why a money back guarantee is essential
  • Why a fixed, written quotation is the minimum you should expect
  • How to spot dodgy plumbers, illegal plumbing practices and false claims
  • Why your plumber should prove he has public liability insurance

By the time you’ve read the guide, you will feel confident that you know exactly how to find the kind of plumber you’d be happy to recommend to everyone you know.

Get your free copy of our guide to finding a great plumber and soon you’ll have the number of ‘John the plumber’* to add to your list of trusted tradesmen.

*Real plumber names may vary


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