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Diagnose Tap Troubles

Having tap troubles? Find your answers here!

Water pressure can cause leaking

Many manufacturers’ warranties are void if water pressure is more than 350kpa. Your plumber can check if this is causing the leak while he is there.

What if I have a mixer tap?

Mixers (one tap that produces both hot and cold) don’t have washers. They have a complete cartridge inside which must be replaced. These cartridges can be quite pricey, so it depends on the original value of your tap whether it’s worth replacing the cartridge or the entire tap.

Should I repair or replace my taps?

Modern kitchen and bath taps generally last from 5-10 years depending on their quality, type, and factors such as how hard your water is. Cheap taps, however, can fail earlier – warranty length gives an indication of durability.


Smart – Replace Taps, not Washers Reasons
Cheap fixes can cost more in the long run Why continue repairing an aging tap, when you can have a new tap with a brand new, 5-10 years warranty
Best value for the long term Older taps need more and more servicing, so if you’re going to spend $200+ for each new service call, it’s much cheaper to get new high quality taps once and be done for up to 10 years.
More efficient taps save you money New taps are far efficient. 5 star wels rating tap can save a family up to $297 per year in water and energy savings.
FOR LANDLORDS ONLY – Save money by investing the lowest possible amount With water efficient taps , you are on your way to passing on water rates to tenants..

Beyond remodelling, your tap definitely needs to go when the:

  • Finish is worn
  • Handle discoloured or cracked.
  • Threads on the aerator/spout are worn or corroded, making aerator replacement difficult.
  • Internal parts are so worn that replacement washers, O rings, screws etc don’t solve the problem.

What’s the fastest fix for the maddening sound of a dripping tap?

Tie a string around the end of the tap and run it to the drain so water drips onto the string and runs down it silently. Then make plans for a DIY or contact Pipe Perfection Plumbers for a proper and professional fix.