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Leaking or squeaking taps

Is every leaking tap caused by a leaking washer? No!

Taps are made up of several parts all of which wear down over time (See our Taps Diagram below). The washer is often the first to go and is often a sign of an ageing tap. Other parts will also deteriorate and fail without attention. A faulty washer causes leaks , squeaks and screeches.


Call the plumber!

If you don’t DIY and/or your tap needs professional help, call your Sydney plumber at Pipe Perfection. We’ll completely refurbish your tap with our Guaranteed Tap Service giving you several more years of good service before it needs attention again.


Smart! – Pipe Perfection Tap Service Reasons
One visit fixes everything We service the entire tap mechanism, not just a single part.
More for your money You pay for one visit, rather than lots of smaller ones as each part wears out.
No service calls for several smaller repairs One service call can cover up to 5 years worth of individual repairs.
Saves water, money and is kind to the environment Eliminate water leaks for years!
Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our service – and your satisfaction with it – is 100% guaranteed.
FOR LANDLORDS ONLY – Save money by investing the lowest possible amount When taps aren’t leaking, you are on your way to passing on water rates to tenants.

What is a tap service?

Depending on your tap, it can involve one or more of :

  • Changing the tap washer, the o-rings  and jumper valve.
  • Greasing the spindle.
  • Installing new stainless steel seats.
  • Grinding back the tap housing.


  • Install a special valve with a 5 year guarantee. It stops the leak, protects the seat of the tap and reduces wear while making the taps easier to turn off.

A tap service will fix a leaking, screeching or squeaking tap.