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Blocked Sinks, Toilets, Or Showers

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DIY advice - How to unblock a drain

Common causes of blocked drains

Blockages in your drains, sink or sewers are usually ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. Soft = toilet paper or an item that has been dropped into the toilet, e.g. a soft toy. Hard =tree roots in the pipes, compacted dirt or a broken pipe causing an obstruction.

You could try clearing soft blockages close to the plughole or toilet bowl with the help of our blocked drains DIY page and some advice and information for specific blocked drains in your home.

Hard blockages need a professional plumber who can correctly diagnose the cause. Call drainage experts, Pipe Perfection Plumbers, on 1300 00 7473. We offer a lifetime drain guarantee so you’ll never have to worry about a blocked drain again!

Below are some common causes for blocked drains and some great prevention tips.

Help! I have a blocked toilet!

Your toilet might be blocked for any of the following reasons:

  • There is too much toilet paper in the bowl
  • A child’s toy has got stuck in the pipe
  • Nappies, sanitary products or baby wipes have been flushed
  • Your main sewage pipe is blocked and waste is backing up

Did you know? You can prevent blocked toilets occurring by only flushing toilet paper. Do not flush wipes (even ‘flushable’ wipes), sanitary products or nappies.

Help! I have a blocked sink!

Your sink might be blocked due to:

  • Grease, soap residue or detergents lining the pipes, building up to create a blockage
  • An object is blocking the pipe
  • Your main sewage pipe is blocked

Did you know? You can prevent your sink becoming blocked by never pouring oil down the plughole and using a sink strainer to catch food.

Help! My shower water won’t drain away!

Your shower or bath drain might be blocked because:

  • Hair and soap has built up in the plughole and/or pipes
  • An object is blocking the pipe
  • Your main sewage pipe is blocked and waste is backing up

Did you know? You can stop blockages in your shower or bath by placing a hair strainer over the drain and regularly cleaning your drain with natural methods.

Help! I’ve lost your ring (or keys) down the drain!

If you are in the Inner West or Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, we can help you find lost items in pipes and commercial drains. Note: it’s important to call in a professional before your ring or keys move too far down the pipe.

Should you use chemicals to unblock your drain?

Chemicals that quickly dissolve a blockage in your drain are usually highly caustic which is damaging to your pipes and the environment.

As Enviroplumbers, we advise using natural methods such as Bioclean or baking soda and vinegar to clean your pipes. But if you have a serious blockage, these methods may not work.