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How we unblock your drains

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How will my plumber unblock my drain?

Clearing a blocked drain can be a relatively simply job when you have the right tools and expertise.

As a first step, our expert drainage plumbers use a jet blaster to shoot water at high pressure down the drains or sewer. This high-powered blast clears most blockages but if it doesn’t, we use our drain inspection camera to investigate further.

A drain inspection camera is the best, and fastest, way to know what is causing the remaining blockage.

Once we can see what’s causing the blockage, we explain your options.

If we can see that tree roots are causing the drain blockage, we use a cutting head on the jet blaster to remove the tree roots. If your drain is blocked because the pipes have collapsed, they will need to be repaired with pipe relining or replaced. We can help you with both.

The most important thing is to call a drainage expert on 1300 00 7473 before it’s too late. Pipe Perfection Plumbers offer a lifetime drain guarantee so that you will never have to worry about blocked drains again.

Beware the cowboy plumbers offering the $49/59/99 Drain Clean

If you are offered an ‘inexpensive drain clean’, beware! This kind of offer is a classic tactic for the wrong plumber to get into your home and actually switch you to a more expensive service.

Here’s what can happen:

  1. The plumber makes a hole in the obstruction so that water can flow through but does not clear the drain.
  2. You pay the plumber.
  3. The drain blocks again.
  4. The plumber then recommends a drain camera inspection and more drain cleaning.
  5. You pay again.

Not only is this approach inconvenient and annoying, it’s an illegal practice called “bait and switch.” The only ‘guarantee’ is that you will always pay more than $49/59/99.