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Like the sound of never, ever having to deal with a blocked drain again?

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Pipe relining services in Sydney:
The “no-pain, all gain” drain pipe repair

Take a look at these pictures. This is how our plumbers used to have to repair a broken drain pipe – deep holes and large trenches in your yard to pull up old pipes and lay new. It’s a messy, dirty job that can easily take a week or more to complete, rips up carefully tended gardens and expensive landscaping, or even worse – interior floors, and always costs a fortune.

Here comes “pipe-relining” to the rescue!

Pipe-relining has a lot of important benefits, but top of the list is that it’s a no dig method. Imagine – no more tearing up gardens and decks to get to the affected pipes. This is huge!

pipe relining
pipe relining
Compared to old fashioned “trench warfare”, pipe relining takes a fraction of the time to complete – just a day or two instead of a week. And the savings compared to ripping up your garden/deck/floor? Wow.

How does Pipe Perfection do pipe relining work?

  1. Inspect and survey the drains with a pipe camera to identify and locate the cause of the problem.
  2. Clear the drain blockage with high pressure water jets.
  3. Prepare the liner which uses an epoxy resin that hardens in hours and keeps your household disruption to a minimum.
  4. Insert the liner into the drain, using the camera to make sure it’s inserted properly.
  5. Inflate the liner with a bladder which takes on the shape of the pipe and fills in all the holes and cracks in the damaged pipe.
  6. The liner is left to “cure” then the internal bladder is removed.
  7. Voila – repair is made and your pipe is once again doing what you need it to do.

Here’s why you will like it:

  • 60 year guarantee on the liner which basically means you’ll never have a problem with your relined pipes again. For peace of mind, we’ll return every year and inspect the pipes with a drain camera for FREE.
  • Your waste system is back up and working again in a day or so, not a week or more.
  • It’s flexible and works with many different underground pipe configurations – straight, short or long pipe runs, or bends
  • You get a high quality product: Manufactured and tested with respected German precision; these liners and resins offer the highest possible lifetime and safety. They are stronger than a new PVC pipe and ISO 9001 certified. What’s more, all materials carry a 60-year manufacturer’s warranty and we back our workmanship for a full six years or FOREVER with our lifetime guarantee package!

Like the sound of never, ever having to deal with a blocked drain again? Contact your friendly Sydney Pipe Perfection plumbers today.

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More Pipe Relining Benefits:

Stops leaks and keeps the roots out of your sewer mains.

Like an angioplasty that drops a stent in place to open a clogged artery, these cured-in-place epoxy liners create a ‘pipe within a pipe’ to eliminate water leakages from the sewer mains and prevents any further root intrusion.

Increases Flow Capacity

The smooth inner lining of a newly relined pipe prevents calcification deposits from sticking to your pipe’s inner wall and thus increases flow capacity. You also minimise the chance for future blockages, especially for Cast Iron, Clay or Concrete Pipes.

Forget the Mess

Liners are launched from any inspection access points and are easily pulled into position. This super-clean approach doesn’t chew up lawns and landscaping and is quick and effective. You never have to fear the mud, muddle, and costly expenses and inconvenience of trench excavation and backfilling, traffic tie-ups, hazards and environmental damage.


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