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Blocked Drains

Is your drain, toilet, sink or sewer blocked?

Blocked drains in Sydney? Act now!

A blocked drain can happen at any time of the day or night. So what do you do? Act immediately before the blockage gets worse! If the main sewer line blocks it doesn’t take long for toilets and drains throughout your house to begin to backup because the waste cannot escape. It’s as messy as it sounds!

If a blocked drain is making a mess in your Sydney home, call us now on 1300 00 7473, email us or click a contact button on the right. Ask about our lifetime drain guarantee – you’ll never have to worry about a blocked drain again!

Is your drain, toilet, sink or sewer blocked?

unblock-my-drain-plumber-inspecting-toilet-with-drain-cameraDrains usually block because there is something in the drain that is too big to pass, or there is a problem with the pipes such as a crack or a pipe collapse.

Sometimes a blocked drain is obvious. Sometimes it’s not. You need to unblock or clean your drain if:

  • There is gurgling from your toilet or drain
  • It drains very slowly
  • There is less water in the toilet bowl than usual
  • There’s a bad smell coming from the toilet or plughole

You have two choices. You can work out the cause and try to clear it yourself. Or you call Pipe Perfection Plumbers and get your blocked drain cleared with a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you’ve got a blocked drain call your Sydney plumber immediately if:

  • The drain is overflowing back into your home or out into the garden
  • There are sewer contents or toilet paper on your lawn
  • More than one drain in the house is blocked, or is draining slowly
  • You have attempted DIY but the drain is still blocked or draining slowly


If you live in the Inner West or Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Pipe Perfection Plumbers are just a phone call away. Call us 1300 00 7473 or email to schedule a visit, and we’ll deal with that blocked drain. No mess. No fuss. Guaranteed.


The Pipe Perfection Plumbers guarantee

Our professional team of drainage experts will work quickly to unblock your drains and suggest solutions to prevent further blockages.

If we have to reline or replace your pipes we offer you a lifetime drain guarantee. And if your pipe ever becomes blocked while you own your home, we’ll fix it for free. No charges for parts or labour. Completely free!

If one guarantee wasn’t enough, all our work is also covered by our money back happiness guarantee.

Remember: for serious blockages DIY rarely works. Always be prepared to get help from an expert plumber who can solve the problem quickly and effectively.

If you’re in an older Sydney home

If your home is on the more mature side you might have some specific drainage challenges. Even if your Sydney home has been remodelled or renovated with new fixtures and fittings, there are certain things that you need to be aware of to let your home age gracefully. Read about why old homes in Sydney have problems with blocked drains for some helpful advice for blocked drains, sewers, sinks and toilets.

Remember, if you’re in doubt call the drainage professionals on 1300 00 7473 or contact us here.