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BBQ Gas Conversion

Converting your LPG BBQ to natural gas

Better BBQ? Lose the bottle.

Cheaper than LPG and it never runs out, natural gas is the natural choice for your backyard BBQ!

There are two key benefits :

  • Save Money – Bottled gas is approximately 4x the price of natural gas!
  • Never needs refilling – If your house is already connected to a gas main, why take trips to refill the LPG bottle – and risk a half-cooked steak or semi-raw grilled chicken?

Converting an LPG barbeque to natural gas is easier than you might think!

A licensed plumber or gasfitter is all you need.

What kind of barbeque can convert?

Your BBQ manufacturer or retailer can confirm whether a BBQ can be converted, but the truth is that most can. Some can be bought ready for use with natural gas at little or no price difference to their LPG counterparts. 

Any difference in taste?

If your BBQ is designed correctly, there will be no difference because the heat output remains the same – and that means the cooking results do, too.

Okay, not ready to bag your LPG BBQ?
Then, please — don’t get into a nasty snag packing bottles in your car

Follow these safety tips when transporting gas cylinders:

  • Transport the bottle in a plastic crate and secure the crate. Carry it in the tray of the ute or in the boot.
  • Check for leaks by spraying soapy water at the connection of the valve with the cylinder and where you connect the hose into the cylinder.
  • Re-fit the screw cap that should have been in place when you swapped your cylinder the last time. This provides a safer seal.
  • Do not make stops. Just get a new bottle and head straight home.
  • When not in use, keep the bottle in a well-ventilated place.  Leaking gas pools around the base .

And if you think nothing bad could ever happen when transporting gas cylinders, take a look at how very serious a gas bottle explosion in a vehicle can be:

Want to learn more about converting your LPG BBQ to natural gas?

Contact your friendly Sydney Pipe Perfection plumber and gas fitter who can quickly, easily and safely convert your BBQ. Never worry again about gas explosions (super bad) or having to disappear in the middle of a BBQ (mildly annoying) again.

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