DIY tips to stop your plumbing sizzling this summer

The hot weather will start to take its toll on your home this summer,  so it’s a good time to do an audit and a basic check up on what is arguably, the most important system in your house. Here are some ‘do it yourself’ tips from Pipe Perfection Plumbers to get your home in shape, saving you energy and money too.

  1. Check your bathroom floor for water damage.
  2. Ensure toilet flushing correctly.
  3. Test water volumes in the bath, kitchen and other sinks.
  4. Ensure the main water line is accessible.
  5. Check your water tank for rust.
  6. Ensure connections are tight to all household appliances, including:
    • sink disposal
    • dishwasher
    • washing machine
    • refrigerator
    • air cooler
    • hydronic heating
  7. Check inside cupboards for water damage, and finally,
  8. Check your washing machine hoses and valves for wear and tear.