Don’t get into a nasty snag carrying BBQ bottles in your car

Tis the season to have a BBQ in Sydney. Your friends are over, the snags are cooking…… and cooking…… and NOT cooking. You realise the gas has run out. So you jump into the car and head out. Before you do, follow these safety tips when transporting LPG gas cylinders in your car:

1. Transport it in a plastic crate and secure the crate. The cylinder should never topple over and roll around.
2. Quickly check it’s not leaking by spraying soapy water at the connection of the valve with the cylinder and where you connect the hose into the cylinder.
3. Re-fit the screw in cap that should have been in place when you swapped your cylinder over last time. This provides a safer seal. Forgot to keep it? (note to self: keep it next time)
4. Carry it in the tray of the ute or in the boot.
5. Do not go to the shopping centre, the post office etc etc. Go straight to the change over depot and straight home.
6 When your cylinder is not in use, keep it in a well ventilated place.  Any gas that leaks will pool around the base of the cylinder.

To see how very serious a gas bottle explosion in a vehicle can be, see this image gallery from the CFA

To have total peace of mind, your friendly Sydney plumber can convert your BBQ and create an outdoor connection so you can plug straight into the gas supply. You’ll never have to worry about gas explosions in your car or disappear in the middle of a BBQ again.

Merry Christmas!