Will this funky shower scheme add value to your home?

As the property market sends sellers into a spin, home owners are left wondering what parts of the home to renovate and what to put on the back burner. Angus Kell, NSW Manager of Archicentre, has identified the bathroom as a key area for renovation and highlights why it increases the bottom dollar of your home (see A bathroom upgrade can add $100 000-plus value, with eager sellers spending up to $30 000 adding an additional bathroom, in lieu of a new spare bedroom or study. It seems that what black is to fashion, a new bathroom is for your home. Michael Field from Bell Property, Annandale comments on a recent sale in Petersham, “the Edwardian double-storey terrace was beautifully presented but the only bathroom was located on the first floor of the property and had some very dated fixtures. When speaking with buyers, they advised that not having a toilet on the ground floor was a major issue for them and they discounted it straight away.” Today, people are staying put in their properties a lot longer than they did a decade ago, functionality and practicality are the key competencies to home renovation. The wrong decision can make or break a sale on the market, it can also affect your happiness in your own home. Don’t sponge on the small things; taps, shower roses and tiles all increase the value of a room.  Debbie Donnelly from GoodyerDonnelley is spot on when she says “we find when people spend money on a makeover, they always get it back.” Don’t hesitate to call Pipe Perfection for expert advice and get back what you put in.