Lessons for little bathrooms in dark houses

Creating a light and bright bathroom in a little dark house (a la terrace houses in Sydney) can be an enormous challenge. This renovation by Troppo architects is put together beautifully. There are some wonderful ideas to thieve, so you can create a heavenly space at your place.

Inner West Plumber Eastern suburbs plumber Guest Bathroom (photo James Knowler)
    1. Clad the roof above in translucent materialIn this example, the architect used danpalon, but any clear polycarbonate could be used. The natural light not only fills the bathroom but also diffuses through to the previously dark hallway. In this small guest bathroom the wall and door is a sheet of frosted glass. An option that is kinder on the budget is to use timber doors with frosted glass panes.
    2. A basin integrated into the vanity top gives a streamlined look The vanity top that moves seamlessly into the square basin looks so smart and is perfect for the narrow space. There is loads of room to put your things out when getting ready, and the long bench allows for lots of storage underneath. This creates a bathroom that is marvellously uncluttered.
    3. Mirror splashbacks make the room feel bigger. Seen in both photos – the tall, wide use of mirrors is an easy way to make a little bathroom feel big AND bounce the light around
    4. A cantilevered vanity (i.e off the floor) won’t ‘fill’ a little bathroom like a solid one will.
    5. Make sure there are storage cupboards and drawers so vanity tops can stay clear. The guest bathroom has nifty little nooks for shampoo etc in the shower which is great.
    6. The mix of materials in the master bathroom is so arresting and beautiful. The bricks reference the heritage front of the cottage.
Inner west plumber easter suburb plumber Master bathroom (photo James Knowler)

The sink and toilet in the master bathroom are from Laufen’s Il Bagno Alessi line.  More details on the entire project can be seen here: http://www.dwell.com/articles/Party-in-the-Back.html Pipe Perfection plumbers have helped many homeowners in Sydney make their bathrooms beautiful. Contact us if you need help.