Planning for an emergency: Our Checklist

Australia is the lucky country, but there are also some dangers that come with living Down Under. Bush fires, severe weather and utility incidents can put you, your family and your house in danger. The trick is to be prepared for the worst and you can rest assured that in an emergency, you will be ready to move straight away.

Emergencies are something that we deal with often. We have seen first hand what it is like to be in an emergency situation and how best to deal with it. The people who generally deal with it best are those that are prepared. With that in mind, we have created a detailed checklist that you can print off and have handy to prepare yourself for emergencies.

Print it out and have it ready, and you’ll be good to go!

Emergency survival kit checklist

Food and drink:

❏     At least three litres of water per person to last for up to four days

❏     Non-perishable food

❏     Can opener, cutlery and cooking equipment

Bags and first aid:

❏     Medical and sanitation supplies

❏     First aid kit and manual

❏     Essential medications

❏     Toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo

Supplies for the kids:

❏     Specific food items the child needs (formula, for example)

❏     Change of clothing and nappies

❏     Favourite toys

Supplies for the pets:

❏     Enough food and water for a few days

❏     Items to contain pet, such as a cage or leash

General handy items:

❏     Battery operated waterproof torch

❏     Fully charged mobile phone and charger or phone card

❏     List of emergency contact numbers

❏     Pen and paper

❏     House and car keys

❏     Important documents in sealed bags (passport and drivers license, for example)


❏     Clothing and footwear

❏     Change of warm protective clothing and shoes

❏     Wool blankets and/or sleeping bags

Additional items:

❏     ________________________________________

❏     ________________________________________

❏     ________________________________________

❏     ________________________________________

❏     ________________________________________

Now that you’re all prepared, you can rest easy knowing that in case of emergency, your family is in great shape.