Washing machine hoses can leak so check and clean often

The not to distant memory of lugging bags of dirty clothes across the Inner West are still haunting, so when it finally came time to shop around for a new washing machine, a little bit of research went a long way. The boys at Pipe Perfection can make the process of installation easy for you so all you have to do is find the perfect machine to suit you. Remember these tips next time it’s your turn to purchase a new machine:

  • Front Loader’s tend to be more energy efficient and will use less water, while top loader’s are often cheaper to buy and easier to load clothes in.
  • Make sure you buy a machine that offers a number of temperatures and settings to suit your different fabrics.
  • Machine maintenance is a must and will save you hundreds in the long run. Replace hoses every 2 years; if left too long they will leak or snap, which could end up costing you thousands in flood repairs.

  • Pipe Perfection recommends purchasing flood stop valves which will screw onto the hose and stop excessive flooding in the case of a broken hose.
  • Make sure you have valves inspected every 12 months and replace them every 5 years.
  • Every so often add two cups of vinegar or lemon juice to a hot cycle to remove soap and grime from inside your machine.

So, next time you’re due for a replacement think twice before buying a cheap second hand machine online, otherwise you too might be stuck getting horrified looks from commuters when you hop on the bus with a huge bag full of smelly clothes. Check out appliancesonline.com.au for good quality machines at discounted prices.