Don’t let damaged pipes burst your bubble

Don’t let a burst pipe ruin your day.

Burst and leaking pipes are a more common occurrence than you might think and it’s these mishaps that can cause damage to your ceilings and walls, invariably costing you thousands. Can you really afford to foot the bill when you’re hit with these minor catastrophes?

* You might find that some insurance companies will actually cover the damage costs for leaking or burst pipes, saving you much needed $$$, especially around Christmas time. Do a bit of research,  in the past, policies have not covered the cost of repairs, so few people think to check them when plumbing problems occur. Although they may not cover the repair, they will cover the value of damaged property, including the cleaning up!

* In short, if your bathroom is showing signs of water damage, you may be covered for that wall re-plastering and for the costs of cutting the wall to fix the leak. If you have the right policy, all repair work will be covered. So read the fine print on your current policy and don’t break your budget when you break a pipe…

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