Put the spring back into cleaning this summer!

Don't let your summer party be ruined by plumbing problems

What first comes to mind when you think of summer? Beaches, hot weather, barbecues and chilling out are probably on most people’s lists… but what about plumbing? Yes, plumbing… because summer is also the time to take action and let a  bit of spring cleaning go a long way. Here’s three simple steps from Pipe Perfection Plumbing to get your summer festivities in shape for the warmer weather:

  • If you didn’t clean them in winter, get all of the leaves and dirt that have accumulated in your gutters cleaned. Dirty gutters rust out early requiring replacements that can cost thousands. Dirty gutters also overflow into your roof space, down the outside walls of the house and onto the ground and seep under your house.
    Clear your gutters to avoid build-up of debris
  • BBQ point: even if it is a wet summer, we’ll all be gritting our teeth and barbequing anyway. If you’ve ever had all your friends and family around to discover the gas bottle is empty, you’ll know how annoying that is. Instead, if you have gas, have a gas point hooked up to your deck or outdoor area and hey presto, lower cost gas whenever you want it.
  • Dirt, debris and leaves blow into outdoor gas hot water heaters and flues: make sure they are regularly checked and serviced. Reset temperatures for summer, indoor gas heaters need gas flues checked (gas fumes inside), check anodes to see if they have rusted.