Our Sydney customers receive a V-day note from their hot water system

All over the inner west and eastern suburbs of Sydney, our customers are opening their Valentine’s day love letters.

And tucked carefully in their inbox is a very special letter from a significant other – their beloved hot water system.

You read that right.

Pipe Perfection Plumbers have, on behalf of tank and tankless heaters everywhere, sent a little love note to homeowners. Why?

Hot water heaters are the unsung heroes of the home. The Rinnais, Rheems, Duxs, Everhots, Boschs and many more are tucked away in a dusty corner without a moment’s care or thought.  Until something nasty happens that is.

A cold shower, I hear you say?

THAT, my friend, is the least of your worries. And here’s why:

Hot water tanks love to make you happy, but are always under pressure. There are special valves designed to relieve that pressure and they should be checked:

  • at 6 monthly intervals for the super organised
  • the annual plumber’s service for the diligent
  • or the last frontier, the major 5 year service

Do I hear you say No, No and No in response to the to do’s on that list? Thought so.

(For the instantaneous / continuous flow owners out there, our recommendation is every two years).

If you don’t give your hot water heater the love it so desperately craves, here’s a smorgasbord of the nasty surprises that might come your way:

  • voiding of the warranty – one of the conditions is to maintain according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • rusting of the tank and rupture with 50 – 400l of water flooding your home
  • tanks exploding. Exploding. Into the air. Like a rocket. This happened in Ballarat. In fact, Mythbusters showed that when a hot water heater was disabled all of its safety features simulating poor installation or neglect, it would at best rupture and at worst, explode and fly into the air.
check your hot water heater before it explodes

Back to the love letter.

All your hot water heater’s heart desires is to be regularly serviced.  And in return, it will provide plentiful hot water, run efficiently keeping utility bills lower and prevent rusting and rupture. PLUS you can double its life span too.

To celebrate this month’s celebration of love, Pipe Perfection Plumbers have a “Keep Your Love on the Ground” Hot Water Service special that ends on Feb 28.

Just because you love your hot water system  – you’ll get:

  • 10% off the hot water service
  • 15% off any other plumbing jobs you have done at the same time
  • A box of chocolates (it’s all part of putting the love back in the relationship)

How wonderfully fantastical is that? As an extra added bonus, the plumbers will arrive dressed in their cossie*.

                                            *that is most definitely a joke!

Call on 1300 007 473 or email service@pipeperfection.com.au to show your hot water heater some love this Valentine’s day. We can guarantee it will love you back.