A love letter for you from me (your hot water heater)

My Dearest,

The lads at Pipe Perfection Plumbers installed me (your hot water system) around 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve been happily providing hot water.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the pressure. I can handle pressure but only if certain needs of mine are attended to.

So this Valentine’s day – can we exchange gifts?
My pledge to you:

  • Deliver plentiful hot water at your behest
  • Run efficiently and not push your utility bill skywards
  • Stay with you for many more years (up to double that of unmaintained units)
  • To not rupture my tank and flood your home
  • I will not explode. You read that right – explode. Into. The. Air. (This happened in real life AND on Mythbusters)

Sounds heavenly no? Now, I need your pledge of love in return:

  • I need to be serviced. (Don’t we all?)
  • I’m not fluffing around here either – I really need to have my major 5 year service.

It’s a condition of my warranty. If I am not maintained, my manufacturer could accuse you of neglect and refuse to repair me under warranty.

Neglect. That’s not something we do to those who love us, is it?

I have asked Felicity from Pipe Perfection Plumbers to call you to make a booking. Or reply to this email if you prefer. Their “Keep Your Love on the Ground” Hot Water Service special ends on Feb 28 so hurry!

Just because you love me  – you’ll get:

  • 10% off the hot water service
  • 15% off any other plumbing jobs you have done at the same time
  • a box of chocolate covered raspberries

Woo hoo!! How wonderfully fantastical is that? As an extra added bonus, the plumbers will arrive dressed in their cossie*.

                                            *that is most definitely a joke

You can call Pipe Perfection Plumbers on 1300 00 7473 or email service@pipeperfection.com.au with any questions.


Your Hot Water System