Which kitchen taps suit your style?

If you are installing a brand new kitchen or are updating your current one, you not only need to take into consideration the plumbing, but also what style of kitchen taps you want to select. With so many options available to you, you don’t need to be satisfied with a standard kitchen tap style. Instead, you can make an information decision about the quality of the tapware and find something that suits your unique style.

Home stager, Naomi Findlay, takes you through some of the styles you might want to consider when looking at kitchen taps.

Sharp and crisp
Are you naturally drawn to sharp, clean lines and edges? Are you going after a sleek and shiny minimalist look? It’s safe to say you have a modern style, and would most likely be going for the same type of tapware with block shapes and polished chrome finishes.

Want to bring your favourite restaurant’s style home? Consider yourself a commercial enthusiast. Think along the lines of a pull-out spray nozzle with a coil around the hose. You’re very likely to already be picturing a large silver freestanding cooker and heavy iron pots hanging from a suspended ceiling rack.

Insisting on keeping it ‘old school’? Look at Bib Taps, where two matching hot and cold taps are wall mounted either side of a spout, just screaming full of tradition. A Pillar Tap does the same, where one screw tap sits on top of a tall spout. A Bridge Pillar Tap is bound to take you back even further – this style sends one to Downton Abbey in the early 1900’s!

Country and homely
Prefer a warmer and more homely feel for the space that is the heart of the home? If your style is distinctly country, you should be leaning towards nickel or pewter tapware, softened with porcelain white handles. Boost up the charm by mounting the taps over a butler’s sink.

The one that stands out
Not afraid to stand out from the crowd? Are you the type of person that is thrilled when visitors become wide-eyed impressed by the wonderful furniture and accessories around your home? Contemporary is your middle name. Incorporate cutting-edge designs in your kitchen that will be the subject of endless conversation and inspiration for gastronomic creativity. Unique and eye-catching, your kitchen will be the pick of the bunch.

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If you are unsure about replacing your current taps with new ones, consider that older taps need more and more servicing. So if you’re going to spend money for each new service call, it’s much cheaper to get new high quality taps once and be done for up to 10 years.

Make sure your new taps come with a 5-10 year warranty and are efficient. For example, a 5 star WELS rating tap can save a family up to $297 per year in water and energy savings. Finally, don’t cramp your style in your choice of taps. Instead, find one that reflects your personal style and fits in with the overall style of your house.

What type of tap best represents your style?