Plumbers in Sydney – a dime-a-dozen?

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Plumbers are all the same, right? They all went to plumbing school, however the quality of work that they perform, the diagnostic skills they have honed through years of experience and training, and the creativity that they use in determining the best solutions all come down to the individual and their ongoing attitude and work ethic. Consider the following analogy: most of us are taught to drive, but that doesn’t mean that we are all qualified to be race car drivers! So, in much the same way, not all plumbers are equal just because they have the required qualifications.

Darren founded Pipe Perfection because he was sick of the unacceptably low standards Sydneysiders had become accustomed to from the plumbers they had at their disposal – plumbers who answered customer calls with a “Yeah?”, rarely showed up on time and left home owners wondering if they’d been ripped off. With these type of common complaints in mind, Darren and I (Laney) decided to mould the vision for Pipe Perfection Plumbers around great customer service, highly skilled plumbers, trustworthiness and reliability.

Since 2004, the Pipe Perfection Plumbers team has worked hard to achieve and even exceed the high standards we set for ourselves in each of these areas, and our had work has definitely paid off, with hundreds of customers in the Inner West and Eastern suburbs seeking us out, doing repeat business with us and recommending us to their friends. So to celebrate what Pipe Perfection Plumbers are all about, we created a manifesto: The Pipe Perfection Plumbers Code. This makes it easy for our staff, and even our customers, to remember what makes us different and what we care about.

Take a look and let us know what you think (see image below):

Our plumbers feel good about the work that they do. They know that, while there aren’t any honours like Nobel Prizes on offer, what they do – fixing roofs, drains, hot water heaters etc – is solid and important work. Nobody wants a house without a working toilet or with other problems that make it hard for them to go about their daily lives. Our plumbers are proud of their contributions towards making people’s lives easier. They are proud of their profession, and they are proud to call themselves Pipe Perfection Plumbers. In upcoming blog posts we’ll cover the process we went through to create our manifesto, together as a group, because it says a lot about how we function as a team. But for now, we just wanted you all to know that we’re here, we’re proud of what we do and the things we’ve achieved to date, and we’re different.

If you have any plumbing or home maintenance questions or questions about being a plumber, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment (below)!