What to do when you’re toilet can’t handle the load

For many people, one of the most embarrassing plumbing disasters that can happen in your own home is a toilet backing up. Even worse is if it happens when you’re using someone else’s toilet and at the push of a button, the toilet paper starts rising up, instead of flushing down. If you ever get stuck in this tricky situation, try these quick DIY tips, they might just save you a red face.

  • Grab a good plunger, ensure there is a decent seal between the toilet and the plunger as you push and pull back and forth. Try running the plunger under hot water, this creates a better grip to the toilet.
  • If you’re not at home and couldn’t bear the thought of asking someone for a plunger, try pouring a few cups of hot water down the toilet bowl, this helps break up….. matter.
  • Dish washing detergent is also very effective in breaking stuff down, try adding a small amount to the bowl.

However, some blockages are just too stubborn and you will just have to call a plumber, no matter how embarrassing. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if this is the case, we’ve seen it all before, so no need to stress!