Are your pipes buckling under pressure?

Issues with water pressure can be extremely disconcerting when going about your everyday business. Showering, washing up and even watering the garden can become frustrating tasks when you can’t get the water pressure you want. Often friction in the pipes from the main line to your house is the cause of this loss of pressure. So too if the pipes already installed are of a smallish size, usually 20ml is the standard size for a house. If you’re not sure about the size/capacity of your pipes, give us a call, we’re happy to help. Blockages can also be the cause low water pressure, it’s best to send an expert to clear the lines, but a quick DIY trick is to pour a moderate amount of hot water down your drains to remove any matter clogging your lines. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so remember to regularly clean your drains and refrain from flushing foreign objects down the sink/toilet.

pipes-water-hammer1 Looking after your pipes is the best way to save you $$$