Don’t let bills break your budget in winter

The winter season is usually the time when wallets get hit the hardest. People tend to spend more time indoors, trying to stay warm and when it is time to venture out, the option of cheap outings to the beach and the park are replaced by the movies or dinners at often not-so-cheap restaurants. Post-winter bills can be the most dreaded in households. The ongoing use of heaters, ovens, cook tops, hot water, electric blankets and dryers guarantee that expenses soar and it becomes obvious that it’s not only our bodies that feel the heat, but our bank accounts too.

To help manage your winter bills, follow these simple steps that can save you money when it counts;

  • Reduce the usage of ventilation fans, they don’t actually capture warm air very well.
  •  Get into the habit of rugging up when you’re at home, you’ll be surprised by how much wearing jumpers, pants, socks and slippers around the house, rather than turning heaters up can save you.
  • If you’re not in a particular room, then don’t waste money heating it up, wait until you need to use that room to warm it up.
  • Keep household heating devices well kept and up to date, the older the heating system, the more likely it will burn your money.
  • Cutting down your  shower time, particularly when you are using a lot of hot water can save you a heap.
  • Let any natural sunlight or warmth into your home, open windows and blinds and let the heat in.
  • Call Pipe Perfection if you’re concerned or simply want advise about your heating devices.
rheem-heat-pump-310l Make sure you heating are well looked after