Worlds Strangest Bathrooms – part 1

In our world, any bathroom that has great working taps, fixtures, pipes, hot water and plumbing is a good one, but what about a bathroom that takes innovation to a new level? Have a look at these bathrooms for something different. Our next few blogs will introduce you to some of the weirdest bathrooms in the world:

  • The Disappearing Bathroom: is exactly what it sounds like; the toilet, shower and basin are concealed in pull-out drawers, or underneath and behind decor to create an illusion of a ‘pop-out’ style bathroom (see image above). It’s functional because it gives you more space in your own home, and also means that the original designated bathroom can be used for another purpose. It’s dysfunctional because you could end up having to go to the toilet where you sleep or eat, eeeerrrrr, not the best idea ever.
  • In a bid to hamper the age old habit of drunken urination in the street (sorry fella’s, but we’re looking at you), the Urilift pop-up toilet literally pops out of the ground between the hours of 10pm-3am, fully equipped like an everyday toilet. Unfortunately, not available in Australia, this smart contraption only cost the cities of London, Amsterdam & Belfast $70 000 each (ouch!). While the toilet descends into the ground during the day, appearing only at night, local police have noted a decrease in arrests and fines, since the toilets have been installed, maybe Australia should think about following suit!