Worlds Strangest Bathrooms – part 2

If you thought your bathroom was pretty big, check this one out for size… You can find the world’s largest bathroom in Chong Qing, China where the 4 story, 30 000 foot complex can comfortably seat 1000 eager toilet users. The architecturally creative bathroom consists of an Egyptian themed entrance, with some urinals replicating the Virgin Mary, while others come in various shapes and sizes. The complex is fitted with TV’s and music, and houses both indoor and outdoor toilets , apparently in full view of people, (which may actually be a fault, rather than a feature!). Nevertheless the aim of the bathroom is to attract more tourists to the area and to one day earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records. The South Pole urinal is probably the most significant piece of plumbing in the world, simply because of the tragedy that surrounds the toilet’s solidity. Literally in the middle of nowhere (approx. 350 meters from the South Pole), the drifting toilet is located in a region that has resulted in the tragic deaths of many keen explorer’s. The urinals presence in the South Pole is said to be one that “marks an elusive destination and goal that was not able to be reached until the early 1990’s… in fact, no other urinal in the world or even space can compete with the efforts and loss of life that went into [this fixture’s] eventual permanence.” – Chris Curtis