Don’t let your clothes get left out in the rain

After a relaxing long weekend, ditching the dishes for catching up with friends or watching the football instead of cleaning the house, some of you may have noticed that the small pile of washing you’ve neglected to do has suddenly quadrupled in size. It happens to the best of us, but when your washing machine also starts playing up,  the situation can seem to go from bad to worse. Before you descend into despair because your work uniform won’t be ready in time for that early morning meeting, follow this quick checklist to determine what the problem really is and get help fast:

  • It could be something as simple as putting too many clothes in the machine, which stops it from draining properly. Try taking half the load out and start the cycle again.
  • Check that the hose is not positioned too high above the washing machine, this can sometimes stop it from functioning correctly.
  • Also, make sure that the hose isn’t bent or damaged.
  • If the machine is still filling with water, than you know it’s not a motor problem.
  • If it’s still spinning, than the belt is ok.
  • The agitator (the plastic or rubber post that you place your clothes around) could be leaking and in this case you would normally need a professional to look over it.
  • If you really can’t figure the problem out or you can’t fix it by yourself, don’t hesitate to give Pipe Perfection a call, as it could be something more complex, like a broken pump, which a professional needs to look at ASAP.
Troubleshooting washing machine problems Don’t let your washing machine bungles ruin your day