Save water by installing a rainwater tank

It’s often hard to get experts to agree on anything. Yet most agree that a resurgence in the use of rainwater tanks in urban areas is a good thing. So is it really worthwhile? We think, yes.

  • Shave loads of $$$ off your water bill by utilising rainwater in your garden, to wash your car and even to fill up your pool.
  • Call Pipe Perfection Plumbers to install a tank with mains back-up, so we can connect the tank in a way that will supply your washing machine and refill your toilet.
  • Water harvested by rainwater tanks is drinkable and some people even prefer the taste to standard tap water.
  • It helps the environment when you are preserving water.

So which tank would suit your home best?

  • For smaller gardens, try bladder-type or Modtanks, they preserve space effectively.
  • Toroid tanks are actually built underground (but require minimal excavation) , so you don’t lose any of your garden space and you can actually connect the Toroid to other tanks, for a larger water collection.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today if you have questions about tank installation and water savings.