What is that gas smell?

Pipe Perfection BBQ Tip

Although there may not be a big difference between the smell of the gas you choose to run your BBQ from, there’s certainly a big difference in the price. Today, the benefits of natural gas seem to have been forgotten, with LPG being a more popular choice for Aussie BBQ’s, however the facts are simple and after reading this you may want to consider the switch:

  • Natural gas is generally a quarter of the cost of LPG. So, with LPG you might be paying up to 4 times as much. Imagine what you could be doing with all that extra cash.
  • Natural gas is everlasting; if you are connected to mains gas than you never have to fill up a gas bottle again!
  • Converting from LPG to natural gas can be a hassle free process, just call us.
  • Many natural gas BBQ’s are just as cheap to buy as LPG ones.
  • There is no difference in the way your BBQ’d food will look or taste.

So, provided you are a great chef (or you know someone who is), converting to natural gas will save you $$$ AND your food will still taste just as good. Call us today, if you have any questions about converting from LPG to natural gas, we’re happy to help.